A United States Congressman Just Hit The Vape While Debating A Bill In Committee

Brooooos. BROOOOS.

United States history was made today, when a congressman hit the vape during a debate about a bill.

Duncan Hunter, a representative from California, took a bold stance during the House Transportation Committee’s mark up of the AIRR Act, when a proposed amendment to ban vaping on planes came up for discussion.

In an offensive act reminiscent of the time in 1856 when pro-slavery Representative Preston Brooks canned Senator Charles Sumner for an anti-slavery speech, Hunter hit the vape in front of his colleagues to show how harmless it is.

You’d think he was a representative for the Republic of Chad with this kind of behavior.

The amendment passed, so, thankfully, people will not be vaping on planes.

For now, because if Mr. Duncan — who want on a mini-tirade after his toke (probably because he was high) about how one day humans will be vaping Prozac (no, he really did) — gets his way, everyone will be forced to vape everything.

But today is not that day, thank god.

[Via Jason Rabinowitz; H/T Andy Cush, Gawker]