An ‘Abortion Drone’ Exists And It’s Highly Controversial


Abortion is virtually illegal in Poland but since it’s 2015, there are new ways to get around the legislation. Like via drone.

An Dutch abortion-rights organization piloted the drone over Polish borders on Saturday morning, delivering miscarriage-inducing pills to two women on the ground.

The future truly is now.

As you’d expect, the flight did not go unnoticed.

German police tried to intervene during the drone’s flight on Saturday, but they were unsuccessful—the drone landed safely in Poland and two women successfully swallowed the pills, which were prescribed by a doctor. The German police were, however, able to confiscate the operator’s controllers and personal iPad, and pressed criminal charges, the group said in an online statement.

The group, Women on Waves, is now talking about flying similar missions to Ireland, where abortion is similarly restricted.

Pro-life activists had initially vowed to shoot the drone down but decided against it.

Brand new chapter in this old debate.

[H/T: Newsweek]

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