Absolute Lunatic Driving A Camaro Causes Horrific Crash And The Video Is Scarier Than Most Horror Movies

Camaro Crash


First off, thank Christ no one died in this crash.

Secondly, a massive “go fuck yourself” to the Camaro driver because his asshole behavior is the reason this video is so hard to watch and the reason numerous people almost died.

Now, I’ll say this, while the crash is entirely his fault it does appear that the driver of the van is possibly going a little slower and the tractor trailer possibly sped up to keep the Camaro boxed in. HOWEVER, the Camaro driver is a dickhead so I’ll forgive the other two drivers for wanting to stick it to him as much as possible.

Here’s the entire accident, caught on the dash cam of a driver unfortunately driving behind the psychopath.

It’s a little easier to stomach knowing everyone was fine, but, mother fuck that guy in the Camaro.

Seriously, was that not scarier than most horror films? Especially when the phone rang. I nearly jumped out of my jeans and my jeans are very, very tight. I’m not being trendy, I just got fat.

[via Gothamist]

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