Activision Is Buying The Makers Of Candy Crush $5.9 BILLION — With A ‘B’

by 3 years ago

Candy Crush

WHOA. HUGE video game business news this evening. Activision-Blizzard — the company behind Call Of Duty and Destinyjust struck a huge deal with King Digital Entertainment, the makers of Candy Crush. The price tag? $5.9 BILLION. According to the Financial Times, the acquisition will give Activision access to one of the largest communities of mobile gamers in the world, with 340m monthly users. Candy Crush is a third of King’s revenues, according to FT.

Back in its prime two years ago, Candy Crush was estimated to be bringing in over $600,000 a day. All that money just to occupy you while pooping. I can’t wait to see the inevitable Candy Crush/Call of Duty game that comes out of this deal. It’s going to be epic.

Go read more about it over at Financial Times.

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