This Darts Performance Is The Filthiest Damn Darts Performance You Will Watch All Year


A perfect nine-dart finish comes during a game of 501 when a darts player takes only nine throws to win the game. It’s seven triple 20s, a triple 19, and a double 12. Together, that adds up to 501. It’s a rare showing. According to Boing Boing, a player throwing a perfect nine has only happened 42 times during 30 years of televised darts matches.

But Adrian Lewis threw one at the 2015 PDC World Darts Championships. So when you add up the raucous crowd, Lewis’s emphatic reactions to his own fantastic feats, and the general paucity of darts videos online, I am confident in saying just five days into the new year, this is the best darts video you will watch in 2015.

[H/T Laughing Squid]