Bro Quits His Job To Buy An Old Military Truck And Road Trip Africa For 19 Months, Takes Crazy Photos Of His Trip

The phrase ‘living the dream’ can take on many forms. What sounds awesome to you might sound like a nightmare to me. If I were to ever quit my job to take the most epic road trip of all time it would be from Patagonia to Alaska, or vice versa. I most definitely wouldn’t hop in a military truck and spend 19-montsh circumnavigating the continent of Africa, passing through some of the most war-torn regions of the world.

The photos below were taken by Imgur user Skebanga, and they detail his 19-month long road trip full of what appears to be countless breakdowns on the side of the road:

Alright, bros, there are many more of these pics from Skebanga’s epic road trip, many of them including nudity from the native tribes, so I had to omit a lot of the pictures. If you want to chect out ALL of the pics just CLICK HERE to see the full gallery over on Imgur. And if you want to see some comments from the man himself about his trip, the dangers of roadtripping Africa, and all of the beautiful sights to see you can CLICK HERE to head on over to his Reddit post where he’s answered a ton of questions.