Afroman Straight-Up Threw A Dude Off The Stage For Not Passing A Blunt

Maybe you gave Afroman the benefit of the doubt after he straight up unloaded a vicious haymaker on a girl on stage. Maybe you don’t think that if security hadn’t intervened that Afroman would have definitely smashed a guy with his guitar. Maybe you bought his bullshit excuse that “he didn’t eat dinner,” and that justified him punching in a girl’s face. Well maybe Afroman is just a fucking asshole.

Footage has emerged of Afroman throwing a fan off the stage that he invited up seconds before. Afroman performed at the Thompson House in Newport, Kentucky on December 26, 2014. The show included him singing festive Christmas songs about getting his dick sucked and doing a parody called “Smoke On It,” a parody of the 1984 classic joint “Jam On It” by Newcleus. There was also a special fan interaction where he invited a lucky person from the crowd on stage to party with him.

However when the fan hangs on to the blunt for a half second too long shit gets belligerent. Joseph Edgar Foreman AKA Afroman then throws the fan off the stage and back into the crowd (1:45 mark). We get it, you like weed. But you don’t have to toss people because you didn’t get to puff for a second. Way to ruin the whole weed makes people passive stereotype.

TMZ is reporting that the “Because I Got High” rapper has had three venues already cancel his shows from his violent ways, and one scrubbed his show two minutes after they saw him punch the girl.

Well at least he seems to have learned a lesson and is remorseful about all of this.