Afroman Nearly Smashed Guy With Guitar And His Pathetic Excuse For Viciously Punching Girl Is Because He Didn’t Eat Dinner

New video has emerged of the aftermath after Afroman brutally punched a girl on stage during his concert in Biloxi, Mississippi. The footage shows a man, who may be the victim’s boyfriend, confronting the singer seconds after he belted the girl who was dancing on stage. When the man goes on stage Afroman takes off his guitar from his shoulder strap and appears to fashion the instrument in a way that he was threatening to smash the guy with the guitar. The guy is quickly grabbed by security before any more violence can go down.

Afroman, who’s real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman, issued a public apology and announced that he is checking into a facility to help him deal with his anxiety issues on Wednesday. Celebrity Public Relations 101: If a celebrity has negative press, immediately say that they’re going to rehab, some kind, any kind of rehab, even rehab for anxiety for a man that sings about having no stress because he smokes weed.

He also dished out some weak-ass excuses in an interview with TMZ that seems to have been taken down.

“There was three wrongs in the situation,” he said. “All I want to do is right my wrong.”

He said the woman should have never been on stage and security should have been able to stop her. “I’m up there trying to do a job,” he said. “Honestly, I didn’t know a girl was behind me when I swung.” So he just blindly swung at whomever was standing behind him, his band mates, his mother or Jesus.

“There was a man next to the stage heckling him throughout the performance,” he said. “When he felt someone bump him, he thought it was the man. From the video it appears that the woman was at least a foot away from him and didn’t make contact.

“I thought the girls had already left the stage and after hearing this guy for a few songs, I thought it was him,” he said. If you thought it was a guy you punched, but it turned out to be an innocent girl, wouldn’t you then have overwhelming remorse and stop playing your song to tend to her injuries and explain how it was an accident?

“I tend to do late shows,” the “Because I Got High” singer said. “I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner or medicate myself, so I was even more anxious than normal.”

Look I completely understand not being in a good mood when you’re hungry, I have a dog and a wife, but to go around punching girls because you didn’t have dinner is preposterous.

Eat a fucking Snickers before your show next time asswipe.