This Loudmouthed ‘Air Jordan 12 Masters’ Thief Gets Robbed In This Video While Bragging About His Heist

When you consider the fact that the thief got robbed after his successful robbery by another thief, it’s kind of awkward as fuck. Such fail, such wow. I’m all for righteously blatant acts of bullish bravado, but bro if you’re going to take it so far that you lose track of your fucking pricey stockpile of sneaks it might be time to tone it down a notch. This dude gets Air Jordan 12 Masters stolen as he brags left and right for all the fucking land to hear about his successfully executed $10k worth of stolen Air Jordan 12 Masters mission. Ugh, the fail is too strong with this one.

You’ve gotta’ watch closely, and if your eyes are keen enough to pick up what the shoe thievin’ loudmouthed miscreant overlooked, you’ll see one guy make his getaway with a box (or two) of shoes as the shoe thief’s back is turned. A pair of those shoes are going for $400 right now, so you can imagine how this fool is feeling about all this bullshit. Let alone the fact that his face is now viral on the internet closely associated with a shoe-stealing sneak operation heist gone horribly wrong..

[H/T: The Shoe Game]