These Albany Transportation Workers Forced A Male Coworker To Teabag Them As Part Of A Hazing Ritual (w/Photo)

Well,  you certainly don’t see grown men forcibly shove their nuts in a coworker’s mouth everyday. But as Bob Dylan says, “times they are a changin’!”

Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, this is an undesired position to be put in, but let’s still go ahead and weigh the pros and cons here. I think that’s only prudent.

Con: Another man’s nuts on yo grill.

Pro: You have photo evidence of this happening (the photo above is the real photo) and that means you can probably sue everyone in sight for a fuckload of money.

According to Times Union:

A former mechanic for the Capital District Transportation Authority filed a federal lawsuit Thursday alleging his co-workers held him down and pressed their genitals into his head two years ago as part of a bizarre hazing ritual that took place on his last day at work for the authority.

The lawsuit — which names CDTA and six employees as defendants, including CEO Carm Basile — seeks unspecified damages and claims the November 2013 incident caused the mechanic to suffer “severe anxiety and depression” and “seek psychological counseling” as a result of what happened. In addition to civil rights violations, the claim states that the incident was an assault under state law.

The federal lawsuit includes a photograph of the incident depicting the former mechanic, Kevin Hoit, pinned face-down on the ground while two men, including one wearing a CDTA uniform, are straddled over him. One of the men has his pants pulled down and is kneeling over Hoit’s head. The photograph shows a CDTA bus in the background and another person in a blue CDTA shirt taking photos.

All things considered, I think the pros might outweigh the cons here. Endure a few seconds of two dudes holding you down and teabagging the ever loving shit our of your face for a lifetime of wealth? You’d have to be a real nutsucker to pass on a payday like that.

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