Bro Surprises His Mom After Spending Two Years Abroad And Suddenly I Want To Hug My Mom

Nothing can compare to the love a mother has for her children, and I say this as a son knowing I’ll never truly empathize with that love because I myself will never be squirting a baby out after a visit from the Hill Witch (that’s how babies are made, right?).

In this video we see a bro from the UK coming home after spending two years abroad. He’s obviously planned this as he’s turned on both his own camera, and gotten some girl in the background to film it as well. He proceeds to tell us how he’s surprising mommy dearest after spending two long ass years away from home, then bursting in on her as if it wasn’t going to give her an immediate heart attack.

Firstly, if ANYONE were to tell me they were going to be spending time in Australia and then burst into my kitchen to surprise me some time later, I’d be shocked. The mere act of telling someone you’ll be somewhere and then surprising them is enough to freak anyone out, because you’re obviously supposed to believe that person that they are where they’re supposed to be…because it’s typically a dumb thing to make up lies about. But in this case it works flawlessly.

Secondly, I think we’re all to assume he did in fact want to give his mother a heart attack. Judging by her immediate reaction of complete and utter disbelief, and seeing her instantly crumble to pieces as a weeping baby, I firmly believe he knew this was going to be the reaction, and it’s a little cruel that he decided to film it and put it on the Internet.

Lastly, this video’s a little loud. So turn down your speakers some before watching it.

ALL THE FEELS. I know, you’re feeling a little bit like this right now:

Now go hug your mother!


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