This Goddamn Alligator Thinks He’s People, Got Up On His Hind Legs To Ring Someone’s Doorbell


YouTube / AP

I’m a born and raised Floridian and have dealt with my fair share of alligators over the years. True story: in high school I once went to use the bathroom and there was a goddamn alligator inside the restroom when I walked in. I’ve seen them sneak into neighbor’s swimming pools and chill out at the bottom.

What I’ve never seen though is an alligator try and ring the door bell and come walking in through the front door, this went down in Moncks Corner, South Carolina on Monday:

My guess is that this alligator must’ve watched The Jungle Book recently and decided he wanted to go live as a man cub, because that’s the only explanation for this type of behavior. I understand a gator wanting to get into a swimming pool and chill in the water, but to try and ring the doorbell and come in the front door? This is clearly a cry for help, a plea to come live in the man world.