This Former Zookeeper’s Thoughts On Harambe’s Death Are Going Crazy Viral For All The Right Reasons

Amanda O'Donoughue Harambe

Amanda O'Donoughue/Facebook

Welp, this former zookeeper just weighed in with the best take so far on this whole, terrible Harambe the murdered gorilla debacle. Basically said all the things that needed to be said in a tragedy like this, and then some.

Amanda O’Donoughue, a native of Florida, posted the following heartfelt message to her personal Facebook page on Monday morning in the wake of the famed silverback gorilla’s death at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend. It’s racked up more that HALF A MILLION shares in less than 24 hours time.

It’s easy to see why when you read her thoughts – drawn on extensive experience – all the way through. (*Note: turn your phone sideways on mobile if the text is partially cut off when you expand the post.)

Not much I can add to that, other than Amanda seemed more than overwhelmed at the viral nature of her post, and later followed it up with another directed at all those curious of how they can get involved and make a difference when it comes to animal conservation and safekeeping.

Obviously, this was an issue that everyone and their mother had a hot take on over the Memorial Day weekend, but it’s really difficult to argue with trhe logic shown here by the former zookeeper.

As tragic as it is – and I didn’t necessarily believe this when first hearing about the situation – but this really puts into perspective the actions employed by zoo personnel in times of great crisis.

Fantastically said, Amanda O’Donoughue. Hopefully the traction continues with the post, because it really is something that everyone with an opinion on the situation should read.


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