This Edited The Amazon Echo Commercial Made The Echo A Sassy Bitch And It’s 100x Better Than The Original

by 5 years ago


According to the original commercial the Amazon Echo can be used to find out anything and everything such as the news and weather, and it can also play music if you ask. But…why? Why is a device like this necessary? Get off your ass and look out the window to see what the weather is like, or God forbid you get off your ass and turn the T.V. on to watch the evening news. In other words, this tube is a waste of money for rich people who’ve run out of ways to spend their money and be lazy shits.

…but would I be interested in getting one of these if it was a sassy little bitch that subtly crapped on your for being stupid? Yes, yes I would. Make that instead, Amazon, and you’ll maybe have my money. Maybe.

[H/T Reddit]