Amazon Warehouse Worker Explains The Craziest Stuff Returned By Customers

Amazon Warehouse


Sure, Reddit AMA is an awesome place to ask questions of celebs, athletes and people you never imagined you’d be able to speak to in your life but it’s also fun when a random person pops by to give a peek into their little world.

I was fascinated by this Reddit AMA with a returned merchandise employee for two reasons — first, because I worked retail and people returned merchandise for the stupidest reasons. I can’t imagine the reasons given at a place that does such massive sales each. Secondly, Amazon sells stuff like vibrators. The guy is bound to have amazing stories.

Hello, Reddit. I process returned merchandise that you didn’t like. Please, ask me a question and I’ll answer it, at least within the best of my ability.

You guys had some great questions last time! Hopefully I have more experience under my belt to better answer more of them. People like you keep us alive, and for that, I’m grateful for my position. That’s why I treat every return as if you were speaking to me personally.

I won’t lie, sometimes it’s hard work, and I can get annoyed with obvious fibbers, but sometimes people honestly received a B.S item and want their money back understandably. As my orientation video stated, we are absolutely obsessed with customers and will do anything in our absolute power to get you your money back in a timely fashion.

There is a person on the other side of your return comments. If I’m processing your return, you can rest assured at least one associate is reading them.

Again, ask away.

Here are the ten most fascinating answers from the Amazon Warehouse Guy’s AMA.

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