This 6′ 8″, 200 Pound ‘Amazon’ Woman Makes Hundreds Of Dollars Per Hour Dominating Men

I feel like calling someone an “Amazon Woman” is slightly derogatory, but the makers of this video went for it, and this lady also refers to herself as one, so I’m just honoring her wishes by repeating it.

/thinks to himself, “yeah, that justifies everything.”

I’m never one to knock how another person makes a living. Provided that person’s living doesn’t involve the trafficking of children or something of the like. The same goes for how six-foot eight-inch, 200 pound called “Amazon Cinthia” (real name Ana Lucia Barbosa) makes her money. Life dealt her a few cards, difficult fucking cards for a woman, and she turned that hand into a several-hundred-dollar per-hour profession in which she dominates men who have an Amazon giant fetish. If she works 20 hours a week at a minimum of $200 an hour, she is making $208,000 a year. Seems like good work if you can get it, no?