Amber Rose Is Reportedly Being Used To Lure Girls Into Joining An Alleged Prostitution Ring

Kudos to whoever’s behind the supposed prostitution ring on picking probably the best celebrity out there to use as its face. Think about it. Would you join a prostitution ring using Johnny Depp as its spokesperson? Hell no, that shit’s obviously fake and if you join you’ll wake up in Mexico with half of your liver missing. But Amber Rose? Mmmmm….yup. Can sort of see her as leading a team of high-class escorts around town. I get that.

Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks Rose could pass for another DC Madam, since the LAPD is currently investigating a company that was advertising for models “for a paid celebrity photo shoot and clothing line.”

Yeah, hot tip over here…no celebrity clothing line is looking for models on Craigslist, or any other Internet message board. If you respond to an ad like that you will be swiftly murdered and devoured by cannibals. Fun.

According to TMZ,

Aspiring models who contacted the company after seeing an Instagram ad were then told Amber Rose was a key person in picking the models.

The company — which was allegedly trying to lure the models into prostitution — enticed them by setting up what they called a FaceTime session with Amber.

When the models called in, they saw Amber struggling with a bad connection, that eventually failed. What the models didn’t know … the company took an old video from Amber’s Ustream and made it look like she was actually on the phone.

Eventually the models were told that they’d be set up “on dates with a rich guy,” only to receive a text later asking if they would be willing to be “intimate.” Aka, naked. Aka, sex. Aka, you’re a hooker, Harry. The text message further stated that if they were willing to have sex that it would help them get “bigger projects.” No word yet on whether “bigger projects” was a subtle dick joke or just some unintentional phrasing.

The LAPD is currently still investigating.