Angry Taxi Driver Threatens To Kill An Uber Driver, Then Calls The Passenger ‘A F*ckin’ Cheapskate’

Uber has disrupted the taxi industry around the world, pissing off cab drivers with cushy unions about the security of their jobs. Just a few months ago, in Mexico City, Uber drivers were attacked by irate licensed cab drivers. A similar situation in France went down at the beginning of the summer.

Police are now investigating a threat from a cab driver after he lost his chill on an Uber driver. The Uber driver caught the entire scuffle on tape, including when the cab driver opened the doors of the Uber:

“You think I’m joking? If I see you again, you’re dead meat.”

And then he took some jabs at the passenger:

“Come out and talk to me like a man” and “You fuckin’ cheapskate, take a real fuckin’ taxi.”

And here I thought Canadians were friendly…

Considering how licensed cab drivers like this guy throw temper tantrums like six year olds and drive vehicles that smell like rotten provolone cheese, I think the passenger is probably making the right choice to stick with Uber.

We all win when we have consumer choice.