Angry Rambro vs 6-Ton Digger: Who Ya Got?

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In the battle of ‘Man vs. Machine’ there can only be one victor, and this angry ram is determined not to be bested. The only problem is that the pissed off ram is going up against a 6-ton digger that doesn’t even register a blip when charged by the ram.

It all makes for some pretty enjoyable ‘Man vs. Machine’ action though. In some ways I feel badly for the sheep, because in his world he’s as badass as it gets. He doesn’t understand that no matter bad of a headache he gives himself nothing’s going to budge.

In the video’s description the person taking the film said he led the ram away after the 5th hit, to prevent any serious harm to the ram….but wouldn’t it also have been fun to see just how dumb this animal really is?

h/t to TastefullyOffensiveBonus points for that loud ass clanging sound. Let’s watch his best strike once more in GIF, shall we?




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