Anonymous Continues It’s Assault On ISIS–Promises To Troll The Terror Group In The Most Spectacular Fashion

Following the Paris terror attacks, hacker group Anonymous waged a full-fledged war on ISIS, declaring “You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go.” I, for one, was a bit skeptical at the aggressive claims, considering the online activist group promised a similar retribution after the Charlie Hebdo attacks back in January. Daesh shrugged off the threats publicly, and went as far to call the group “Idiots.”

Thankfully, like most of my opinions, I was wrong. Anonymous wasn’t fucking around and took down over 5,500 pro-ISIS accounts (and counting). The hacker group continued its large, watery dump on the terror group by promising to troll the shit out of verified ISIS hashtags in spectacular fashion.


For those unfamiliar with rickrolling, how has living under a rock been for the past decade??

urban dictionary

Urban Dictionary

If Anonymous finds a way to make this plan come to fruition, I will never have been more confident in the world’s positioning against ISIS. This may be the defining moment that is etched in textbooks for future generations.

“Grampa, what’s rickrolling?”

“Ahhh little Billy, rickrolling was a monumental tool used to humiliate and undermine the biggest pieces of shit to ever roam this earth. It signified the beginning of the end.”

“Cool. And Grampa, why are you always drunk?”

“Shut up, kid. Respect your elders. Go fetch me another Natty.”

Now cue the ma’fuckin music!

[h/t Total Frat Move]

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