ANOTHER Riff Raff Fan Gets Completely Demolished When Jumping On Stage During Concert

It was only a couple of weeks ago when a dude jumped on stage with Riff Raff and got absolutely destroyed by security guards. However people don’t utilize the Intertubes to see what a terrible idea that is or are just flat-out fucking stupid because another shit-for-brains fan ventured on stage and got bulldozed.

Maybe this fan forgot that he was at a Riff Raff concert and just thought he was at a laser tag arena so he started running around to avoid getting shot. Whatever his reasoning, it was poor judgement to say the least. Within three seconds of getting on stage, the fan was grabbed by security and thrown off the stage with ease.

Welcome to Suplex City, population 1, this Riff Raff fan.

If only Plies had as good of security.