Rapper Plies Gets Thrown Off Stage When Fan Body Slams Him During Concert

by 4 years ago

On Friday night, rapper Plies was in Tallahassee, Florida for a stop in his “Find Your” tour when it turned into a WWE match.

Plies was in the crowd on the shoulders of his security guards and is heard talking back to a fan that was getting kicked out of the venue. Plies returns to stage and is indignantly greeted by another fan. The angry man talks trash to Plies and gets right up in his face. The “Shawty” rapper informs the fan that he is getting too close and that’s what set him off. The man grabs Plies, suplexes him off the stage and body slams him to the ground.

At no point before this suplex did the security guards deliver security or do a very proficient job of guarding.

Right before the attack, the man’s last words were “Color Money.” Which I assume means that he is a fervent Monopoly fan.

Once on the ground, Plies’ fans and security stomp the assailant.

Plies’ street cred is definitely going to take a hit for getting slammed by a gentleman wearing a zebra and roses print t-shirt.

Plies’ attacker released a video where he declared that Plies was an inept combatant, “Your security did my damage, you didn’t do shit.” He goes on to articulate that he’s not afraid to engage in fisticuffs, especially with females, “I’ll fight any motherfucker. I’ll fight your momma, your daddy, your grandmomma, and I’ll stomp your motherfucking damn niece and baby… (inaudible) (inaudible) (inaudible).” I had better tell my nana to definitely not step to this bruh.

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