Anthony Bourdain Just Put The Unicorn Frappuccino On Blast, Calls It ‘The Perfect Nexus Of Awfulness’

by 3 years ago

Hipster culinary icon Anthony Bourdain is a natural-born hater. He hates lots of things I love: Guy Fieri, Phish, ironic pumpkin spice, the occasional very lit Vegas rave. Etc. But he makes up for it with his love for Waffle House and hidden gem NYC ramen noodles spots, along with his evangelism for getting drunk off Soju and cooking the perfect steak.

Given the popularity of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, Bourdain had to weigh in when he was asked about it by Town & Country Magazine:

“Wow, that’s like four things I hate all in one sentence: Starbucks, unicorns, and the colors pink and purple,” he told the Town & Country. “Also a Frappuccino! It’s the perfect nexus of awfulness. Just add pumpkin spice to that mix, and you can nuke the whole country.”

So much hate! I feel like he’d feel very differently if he was still tripping balls on acid on the reg.

The melts, man. The melts.

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