Would You Buy An App Called ‘Nickelblock’ That Plays Nickelback Every Time You Try To Contact Your Ex?


If Avril Lavigne is reading this (I bet she totally is) you know she’s saying, “Fuck yes, I’d use that app!” Since she is reading this…Avril, how the fuck did you ever get Kroeger’d in the first place? Honest question. Did you go legally blind and deaf and brain dead for an extended period of time that the general public did not know about? I mean, how could you marry this? Whenever anyone says the words “pubic lice” Chad Kroeger’s entire head is the first thing I think of. He is the human representation of pubic lice.

Look at him.

OOF. Gonna need a special shampoo just to get that picture out of your memory.

Without further ado…NickelBlock

Sadly, this genius app idea, that tortures users every time they attempt to contact their ex, is only that: an idea. It’s an idea from the minds of comedy sketch group Lady Products. What is important to remember, though, is that just because it’s only idea, that doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t exist. All we need is someone to make it.