Are We There Yet? Science Figured Out How Long Kids Can Be In A Car Before Losing Their Shit

Thank God for science, because now we know exactly how long children can be in a car before they break down into a temper tantrum, or worse yet, start fighting with each other in the backseat. At least we now understand it’s not their fault if they lost their shit on a long road trip; it’s merely just a consequence of passing time and youth.

The Highways Agency, the Government body which maintains England’s motorways and A-roads, has found that children start to ask “are we nearly there yet” after two hours and 23 minutes.

Then after two hours and 37 minutes angry rows start to break out.

Simon Sheldon-Wilson, Highways England’s director of customer operations, urged drivers to take a break to stave off boredom.

He said: “A decent break should help stave off the kids’ boredom, and hopefully prevent arguments from stressing your family before you’ve even reached your destination.

“We always advise drivers to take a proper break every two hours during a long trip.

“Our survey suggests parents travelling with kids should plan a break around two hours in, to help young passengers cope with the boredom.”

The findings came from a survey by the Highways Agency of the driving habits of 291 drivers.

Two hours and 37 minutes. Honestly, I’ve got to give the kids involved in this survey some credit, because I’m pretty sure I lose my cool in less time stuck behind the wheel.

Parental bros, remember that number and plan your next family road trip accordingly. That is, unless you enjoy ear-piercing screams, never-ending questions, tears and misery to accompany you on your way to whatever Summer vacation destination the wife picked this year.

Thanks, science!

[via The Telegraph]