Armenian Dad Wants To Teach Americans How To BBQ, And The Importance Of Cold Vodka

by 4 years ago

The man in this video is purportedly the Armenian stepfather of Redditor ‘funkbawks’, and he requested to go on camera and teach Americans all about Armenian BBQ and how it’ll make you chew off your own damn fingers. After watching this video I’m going to admit my interest is piqued, I’m a huge fan of meat cooked over coals and this man is selling just that.

He then comes back for a Part 2 video, because he forgot to teach us about the importance of crushing vodka while cooking up Armenian BBQ:

“You have to have a cold of vodka!” — Reddit user funkbawks’ Armenian stepfather

Is a ‘cold of vodka’ shorthand for a ‘pull from the cold bottle of vodka?’ Because if so, I think I need to incorporate that vernacular into my daily life, as I too like to keep bottles of vodka in my freezer for drinking. And based off the flora and fauna of that man’s backyard, it appears that he lives somewhere tropical to semi-tropical, and as my entire family lives down in the Sunshine State and that’s where I was raised, it might not surprise you that I find myself doing a decent amount of barbecuing in Florida.

This Barbecuing Armenian Stepdad is a man I think we can all learn from, so I only hope that in the future we see more videos released on how to cook meat on a spit over coals.