You Will Cry Real Bro Tears Seeing This Army Bro Surprise His Little Brother On His Wedding Day

This hits right in the feels. Nothing stronger in the world than the bond of brothers. Hot damn if I didn’t shed some man tears seeing that older brother embrace his younger brother. On his wedding day, too! This video captures their reunion. The BroBible reader who sent it to us explains that the two were reunited after not seeing each other for eight years while the older Bro served in the 82nd Airborne. That’s a long time. Respect.

The BroBible reader featured in this video, Travis, write:

It’s pretty much what the title says. My brother is 82nd Airborne and 3rd Special Forces Group. I haven’t seen him in 8 YEARS. He was supposed to be my best man but had to say no because he couldn’t commit in case something happened. He then called me a month before my wedding saying he had to be Africa and he was sorry he couldn’t make it. Apparently him and my wife talked two weeks before my wedding and planned a surprise visit for a day pass on my wedding day… This is the video of them surprising me.. And a picture of us all shitfaced.

Love it. Here’s said “shitfaced” wedding pic:


BroBible Reader E-Mail

Love it. This is the ultimate Bro move. Congrats from the entire BroBible team. We’re over the moon that your older Bro could make it back for a truly unforgettable big day.

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