This Army Vet Blinded By A Suicide Bomber Will Inspire Everyone To Stop Wasting Your Damn Life

Scott Smiley was blinded in the line of duty by a suicide bomber. For a while, he and his wife thought life as they knew it was over. He sunk into a depression and didn’t want to carry on.

Then he realized life was what you make of it. Now, he’s making the most of his life, and his handicap, and doing things even people with perfect vision might not dare to attempt. He was the first blind active duty in Army history, has climbed Mt. Rainier, sky dived, learned to surf and turned his life around.

Scott Smiley has accomplished more in his life in the past few years than most of us will accomplish in our entire lives.

I’m not in the military but I’m saluting you anyway, Scott. You’re a role model for bros everywhere.

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