An Artist Painted A Magnificent Portrait Of Donald Trump Using Just Her Boob

artist davison trump portrait boob

YouTube - LOLPervs (Davison)

Say what you will about Donald Trump he’s done nothing if not make the 2016 Presidential race the most entertaining one in years.

From letting us know that he has a big dick to saying that his wife doesn’t fart he’s been one nonsensical soundbite after another.

So since the last time this artist named Davison did a painting with her boob was of the man she considered the biggest boob at the time, Kanye West, she thought who else better to paint a picture of with her boob now than The Donald?

She’s even auctioning off her painting with half of the proceeds going to a breast cancer charity of Trump’s choosing. So if you’re in the market for a boob-painting she’s got you covered.

Watch her in action and then head on over and place your bid…

H/T The Daily Dot