Assassins Who Killed Kim Jong Un’s Brother Were A Masseuse And Model Who Were Paid $90 For ‘Prank’ That Used VX Nerve Agent



On Valentine’s Day, we reported that Kim Jung Un’s half brother, Kim Jong Nam, was assasinated at Kuala Lumpur international airport in Malaysia. New and extraordinary details regarding one of the assassins have since been revealed and they sound too outlandish to even be in a Hollywood movie.

Siti Aisyah, one of the female assassins, was caught at the airport after the murder of Kim Jong Nam. The 25-year-old Indonesian woman has been questioned by authorities and she is claiming that she did not know that she was going to kill Kim Jong Nam, but instead thought she was appearing on a prank TV show. Aisyah, who was said to be a spa masseuse, is claiming that she was paid $90 to smear his face with “baby oil” as part of a hilarious reality television show.

The cloth did not have baby oil, but instead it had the deadly VX nerve agent, which is classified as a chemical weapon.

The lethal chemical was found on Kim Jong Nam’s face and eyes, and an autopsy declared that exposure to the VX nerve agent was the cause of death. Kim Jong Nam did receive medical help at the airport, but he had a seizure and died on the way to hospital.

One of the other suspected assassins is Doan Thi Huong from Vietnam. You may remember Miss Huong because she wore a shirt that said “LOL” during the murder. Huong is said to be a fame-hungry young woman who was a singer and model, and even appeared on Vietnam Idol. Her performer name is said to be “Ruby Ruby.” She was also a model.

The father of Doan Thi Huong said that his 28-year-old “kind-hearted and gullible” daughter was set up.

“How could she be brave enough to do it? She’s afraid of frogs and rats, what’s more to do something like that?” Doan Van Thanh told the Malaysia Star.

The Daily Mail reports that both women admitted that they had “worked in massage parlors and had also escorted wealthy Asian men around town, ending up in their bedrooms.”

There are at least seven other suspects who are wanted by the authorities.

Kim Jong Nam had been living in exile in Macau, China with his wife under the protection of the Chinese government.

There is widespread suspicion that North Korea was behind the attack, which it has strongly denied.