AT&T Sends Retired 83-Year-Old A Bill For $24,298 For AOL DIAL-UP

You’d think companies would be a little more careful with their handling of customer service issues considering that there are plenty of outlets for consumers to publicize their mistreatment. It was only a few weeks ago that the story about Comcast refusing to cancel a man’s cable service despite his house burning down went viral. And now we have this harrowing tale of an AT&T customer who was grossly fleeced.

Ron Dorff is your typical 83-year-old. The Woodland Hills, California resident enjoys his retirement and tries to survive off his $1,530 Social Security checks. However things went sour when he received a bill for from AT&T for an astounding $24,298.93 for his AOL dial-up service.


Oh yeah, and the $24,298.93 is pretty outlandish as well.

In March, the phone company smashed the elderly man with a gargantuan bill of $8,596.57. Dorff said his typical monthly bill was $51, so he immediately contacted AT&T. The “service” representative could not figure out Dorff’s bill, so she sent a technician to his house. He of course never showed up.

Dorff assumed that everything was corrected, but then he was hit with a ridiculous $15,687.64 bill the next month. Including late fees, that brought his grand total to $24,298.93. That’s $24K for some 28.8k dial-up that takes 12 minutes to download one photo. Ain’t that some shit?

Dorff contacted AT&T again, and customer service scheduled a technician to visit his house. Amazingly, the tech showed up.

The technician found an error with the modem. Ron called “customer service” again, but of course was met with more issues. “The woman said they couldn’t make an adjustment,” Dorff said. “I told her I couldn’t possibly afford what they wanted. She just insisted that I had to pay it. She was very blunt about it.”

MOTHERFUCKERS! This old geezer isn’t calling Mozambique to rack up a $24,000 bill. He’s downloading photos of the grandkids and blank bingo boards on AOL. It’s so obvious that it’s a technical problem.

Feeling out of options and banging his head against the wall, he reached out to the L.A. Times. Thankfully reporter David Lazarus was able to rectify the awful situation and save Ron from having to pay a dial-up phone bill worth a mid-size sedan.

They can shove their “pshhhkkkkkkrrrr​kakingkakingkakingtsh​chchchchchchchcch​*ding*ding*ding*” up their ass for $24,000.

[LA Times via Reddit]

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