Australian Playboy Found Not Guilty Of Murdering His Tinder Date Even After His Bizarre Character Traits Were Made Public

Over the past month, the trial of an Australian playboy accused of murdering his Tinder date after a three-hour argument has made international news.

Gable Tostee, 30, was cleared on charges of murder and manslaughter of 26-year-old Warriena Wright who fell to her death from the 14th-floor balcony of his ritzy Gold Coast apartment trying to climb down to safety on the balcony below.

The two, had had met that night, drank at Tostee’s apartment before having sex. After they were intimate, a fight broke out between the two, escalating to the point where Warriena began throwing his belongings around the apartment and threatening to “destroy your fucking jaw.” Tostee began recording the fight on his phone, and at one point he says “You are lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony, you goddamn psycho little bitch.”

The nine-day trial almost became null, as a one of the jurors shared information about the trial on Instagram before the trial concluded. Welcome to 2016.

Tostee’s innocence has sparked a lot of digging into the kind of person he is–and its been revealed that he was a habitual creep on Tinder, bragging about having sex with 260 girls on a body building forum, being banned from numerous Gold Cost clubs for acting inappropriately, and even being convicted of fraud.

According to Daily Mail, Tostee, a carpet layer, would send aggressive opening messages to girls on Tinder such as ‘I want to do dirty things to you,’ ‘You’re looking pretty spankable ;),’ and ‘I come up behind you and grab your bum. What do you do?’ He would then relay his sexual prowess on a body building forum, claiming to strangers ‘nothing satisfies me more than hitting something new’ and bragging about having sex with 8 chicks a month off Tinder.

Tostee also posted in the forum about being banned from various Gold Cost nightclubs in close proximity to the apartment his wealthy father paid for. He claimed that he got banned form one club after fighting with one girl who worked at the club on Facebook.

Ty Davidson, then the manager of the Sin City nightclub, told Daily Mail Australia:

‘He was just creepy. He was here all the time. Everyone along here knows him. Even after he was banned, he’d come on nights when the bouncer didn’t know him and try to get back in’.

What’s more, a year after he graduated college in 2004, he was busted for being involved in a fake ID scam on the Gold Coast. Tostee and two friends each made $10,000 from the sketchy business, charging $60 a pop. He pleaded guilty to charges of forgery.

Just three weeks before Ms. Warriena’s death, Tostee took police on a high speed chase, where police had to put down spikes in the road to blow out his front tires. He continued driving on the rims until his sparks flew and he had no choice but to stop. He was four times over the legal blood alcohol limit.

Although found innocent, the judge ruled that Mr. Tostee is banned from using Tinder to pick up women as well as partying at the Gold Coast nightclubs. He is also required to live at his parent’s home, regularly report to a police station and has an evening curfew.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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