A Sea Monster With The Body Of A Dragon And Teeth Of A Crocodile Washed Up On Shore, People Are Freaking Out

by 2 years ago

Facebook / Ethan Tipper

A sea monster washed up on the shores of Australia (I know, Australia, home to the most terrifying beasts on the planet, no surprise there). This prehistoric looking hell hound of the seas has the mouth of a crocodile, with rows and rows of razor sharp teeth, and it’s rocking the elongated body of a dragon. Basically, if you were asked to sketch the scariest fucking creature that could possibly be lurking around the ocean then this animal that washed up on a beach in New South Wales, Australia is exactly what your imagination would cough up.

A photo was taken by Ethan Tipper and uploaded to Facebook in an attempt to identify this mysterious creature that appears to have been unleashed from the fiery depths of Hell (which as we all know are located just off the Australian Coast, we learned that last year). Now there’s a worldwide hunt to identify this creature that looks more like something you’d find in a science fiction movie than something you’d expect to see swimming around the ocean. Everything about this creatures says ‘dangerous as fuck’, this isn’t one of those creatures where you look at it and think ‘you know, I bet that animal has great maternal instincts and does really well in groups’…

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