Authorities Seized One BILLION Dollars Worth Of Liquid Meth In Australia, That’s Over 3.6 Million Individual Hits

One of the biggest drug busts in Australian history just went down. Authorities in Sydney, Australia confiscated over $1 billion worth of ‘ice’ (liquid amphetamine), which took an estimated 3.6 million individual hits of meth off the streets. The ice (video/pics below) was being smuggled around Australia inside of silicon bra inserts and art supplies, and so far only 4 people have been charged in this massive drug bust: reports:

Australian police have seized $1 billion Australian dollars’ worth of the drug “ice” from a shipment of silicon bra inserts and art supplies, the country’s federal police said, worth approximately US$700 million.
According to authorities, the bust is one of the biggest in Australia’s history, and the largest seizure of liquid methylamphetamine ever.
“This has resulted in 3.6 million individual hits of ice being taken off our streets,” said Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan.
Four people have been charged over the haul, which included 720 liters of the drug, the Australian Federal Police said Monday.
Australian customs first discovered around 190 liters hidden inside thousands of stick on gel bras in a shipment from Hong Kong in December of last year.
Delivery of the shipment was tracked to a storage facility where a Hong Kong national was arrested.
An additional 530 liters of the drug were then found concealed in art supplies stashed in storage units in Sydney.
Authorities have since arrested one Chinese national and two further Hong Kong nationals in relation to the importation and manufacture of the drug.
“This is a result of organized criminals targeting the lucrative Australian ice market from offshore,” said Keenan.
“Whilst Australians continue to have such an appetite for this mind destroying drug, organized criminal gangs will continue to target the Australian market.”

1.) It’s a crying shame that the Australians aren’t even capable of fueling their own drug market. How is there not a SINGLE industrious Aussie out there thinking ‘you know, I’d like to be a billionaire one day’ and gets into the meth game to at least keep those Australian drug dollars at home instead of losing that money to Asia??? At least in The South we make our own meth, even if The South is completely ravished by meth, ice, flakka, and bath salts.

2.) How in the hell did anyone think they could transport a BILLION DOLLARS (Australian dollars, about $700 million USD) worth of drugs around the country and not get caught? That’s just too much, there’s no way to move that much product and not get caught. I know this because I’m an expert in thinking about ways to smuggle drugs (weather balloons!).

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