A Very Good Brawl Broke Out In The Stands Of A Colorado Avalanche Game


Hockey is known for its highlight reel brawls, so you can’t blame fans for wanting in on the fun.

In the stands Saturday night of a Minnesota Wild-Colorado Avalanche game, the fans certainly did.

Our video here begins with a Powder-looking Bro in a Ray Borque jersey. (Aside: What? This dude is in his mid-20s and Borque played all of one-and-a-half seasons with the Avs back in 2000-01, when this dude was probably nine. Yea he won the Cup, but that’s a try hard jersey right there.)

And this dude is a try hard. He’s heated, too, probably because he is suffering from scurvy. He’s cursing out a hot woman, for no reason other than I presume he’s drunk.

I mean, at the 30-second mark, he seems like he wants to kill this gorgeous blonde. Who would want to fight her? I wouldn’t.


But this isn’t even where the fight comes from. Instead, as the dude is getting ejected, two women to the right start throwing punches. Then all hell breaks loose.

Shit gets real, real fast.