Here’s Some Painfully Awkward Couple Photos That’ll Make You Realize Being Single For New Year’s Isn’t That Bad

New Year’s Eve is on it’s way, which means that your Facebook newsfeed is about to get blown up with statuses along the lines of “Omg I’m so single and I don’t have anyone to kiss when the ball drops and I’m going to cry and die alone wah wah boo hoo forever alone blah.” Every year it’s an onslaught of self-pity that gets plastered across every social media outlet available, but you know what? Being single isn’t so bad. For one thing it means that you’re free to do whatever the hell you want on New Years, be it sit around in your underwear stoned out of your mind watching re-runs of Hoarders, or blacked out at some dive bar eating some poor girl’s face when all she wanted was a casual NYE kiss. Another thing is that there’s no chance you’ll have awful fucking couple’s portrait photos like these.