Elephant Calf Rescued By Herd After Collapsing Is A Tidal Wave Of The Feels

Ever since Blackfish came out it seems like whales have been hogging all the attention for being extremely intelligent and caring animals, but as you see in the video above when it comes to displaying ‘love’ nobody in the animal kingdom can hang with elephants. It’s a well known fact that the phrase ‘no man left behind’ was taken from watching African elephants raise their young. It’s also widely believed that the phrase ‘it takes a village’ was stolen from villagers watching elephant herds all chip in to raise the elephant calves.

The video above was taken at Kruger National Park in South Africa and uploaded to YouTube yesterday. In it we see a young elephant calf collapsing in the middle of a road for unknown reasons, and the herd rushing to aid the calf and will it back to safety. ALL THE FEELS.

Let’s watch it again in GIF:

If I had to rank my the best animals out there right now it’d go a little something like this:

Manatees > Elephants > Whales