Bad News, Bros: Some Tins Of Some Tins Of Skoal And Copenhagen Are Being Recalled

Bros love to dip and chew, so we’d be doing you a disservice here at the Bro News Network if we didn’t tell you about a major smokeless recall. The U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. is recalling some tins of Copenhagen, Skoal, Cope and Husky, according to Bloomberg. According to a press release, there are reports of metal objects in some tins, which is bad news for people like this guy:

via Bloomberg/Star Tribune:

The products were manufactured at the company’s facility in Franklin Park, Ill., and turned up in Texas and five other states — Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Ohio, the company said in a news release.

The company said it received eight complaints and said there have been no reports of injury. The products were distributed nationwide.

Here’s a list of the affected products:

Cope Brand Products

Long Cut Straight

Copenhagen Brand Products

Extra Long Cut Natural

Long Cut Mint

Long Cut Southern Blend

Pouch Mint

Pouch Wintergreen

Long Cut (overseas military only)

Fine Cut (overseas military only)

Long Cut Straight (overseas military only)

Long Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)

Pouch (overseas military only)

Fine Cut Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)

Long Cut Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)

Pouch Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)

Husky Brand Products

Fine Cut Natural

Long Cut Straight

Long Cut Wintergreen

Skoal Brand Products

Bandit Mint

Bandit Wintergreen

Long Cut Apple Tobacco Blend

Long Cut Berry Tobacco Blend

Long Cut Cherry

Long Cut Citrus Tobacco Blend

Long Cut Classic

Long Cut Peach Tobacco Blend

Long Cut Spearmint

Pouch Apple Tobacco Blend

Pouch Berry Tobacco Blend

Pouch Citrus Tobacco Blend

Snus Mint

Snus Smooth Mint

Xtra Long Cut Mint

Xtra Long Cut Rich Tobacco Blend

Xtra Long Cut Wintergreen

Xtra Pouch Crisp Tobacco Blend

Xtra Pouch Mint Blend

Xtra Pouch Rich Tobacco Blend

Fine Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)

Long Cut Mint (overseas military only)

Long Cut Straight (overseas military only)

Long Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)

Pouch Mint (overseas military only)

Pouches Wintergreen (overseas military only)

Total side note: How about the Trump spitoon? I’m not a big dip guy these days but that’s a genius product.

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