Never Try These Pickup Methods From A Self-Proclaimed ‘Master’ Because They’ll Get You Arrested Or Killed

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Pickup artists are still an industry. People pay good money to learn the “art” of picking up women. They buy books, attend seminars and even spend weeks at boot camp type excursions that promise to teach the greatest moves ever to get the girl of your dreams.

It’s all bullshit. It’s nothing a guy couldn’t figure out by trial and error. Still, people like Julien Blanc exist. This profile of the self-proclaimed “pick-up artist” even made my computer monitor cringe. I’ve never seen the guy but I’m pretty sure a trail of dirt follows him from spot to spot, like Pig Pen, or like that other scumbag homeless pickup guy.

While some of the methods pickup artists advocate might seem relatively benign – approaching a woman on the street to ask for directions, for example – others are downright brutal. Blanc’s include grabbing women in public and thrusting their heads into his crotch, placing them in chokeholds, and even speaking English with a Japanese accent.

“In Tokyo, if you’re a white male, you can do what you want,” Blanc told a packed room at one of his seminars before advising the attendees to “just grab” a woman and “pull her into you.” She may giggle, he acknowledged, but to take the pressure off “just say Pikachu or Pokemon or Tamagotchi.” He also advised saying words like “taxi” and “hotel” with a Japanese accent to ensure that the women understand you.

Jesus Christ that’s awful, and incredibly racist, advice. If you’re going to try that move make sure you also know how to say “I want to talk to a lawyer” and “please don’t arrest me” in Japanese.

In case anyone thought Blanc’s quotes were taken out of context, here’s more from his seminar.

In the same seminar he bragged that he’ll walk through the streets of Tokyo and grab one woman after another, putting “head on d*ck, head on d*ck” while shouting “Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikachu!” (a “species” of Pokemon creatures). As he pontificated on his prowess, his fans laughed, thereby internalizing the idea that they, too, are entitled to treat women like sexual rag dolls.

Now even my computer wants to take a hot shower.

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