Guys, People Want To Ban Us Guys From Using The Word ‘Guys’


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Guys. Guys! Guys? The PC language police guys are at it again. These guys believe that the word “guys” is sexist. No really, these guys even made a video about the dangers of the word “guys.” Word Nazis in Australia want to stifle free speech and ban the word “guy” because some thin-skinned snowflakes might find the harmless term offensive. Can you believe this shit guys?

David Morrison, former Army Chief and current Australian of the Year, launched a new program called #WordsAtWork telling Aussies to stop using gender-related terms such as “guy” in the workplace. The assault against guys was brought about by Australia’s Diversity Council, where Morrison is the chairman.

Morrison said using the term “guys” is an inherent gender bias. Guys, it’s not. The initiative was about creating a “real diversity of thinking” and not about being the “language police.” Guys, he’s totally a language police guy.

“I have now removed that (the word guys) from my lexicon as best I can; I think it’s important,” General Morrison said. Ewww! He couldn’t even use the word “guy” in a sentence in fear of offending someone!

Some suggestions for non-gender specific alternatives to “guys” including “folks”, “mortals” and “youse.”

“Hey mortals, let’s get shitfaced tonight!” Um, we aren’t in some whimsical world like Westeros where there are mortals, but then there are also immortals, zombies, witches, Children of the Forest and wargs.

Really guys? “Youse?” You sound like some uneducated guy from Philly if you use the word “youse.”

Just as the word for actor can be non-gender specific and can mean a guy or a girl, so can the word “guys.”

I thought we were trying to get to a place of gender equality? When I say, “Hey guys, let’s get shitfaced tonight,” I am talking to males and females in the same and equal manner. I think it’s actually more sexist if I single out women by saying, “Hey guys and girls, let’s get shitfaced tonight.”

Thankfully some guys, like Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, said such language restrictions could go “too far.” Bishop added, “I don’t think we should try and interfere with the freedom of speech in this country to a point where people are too concerned about day-to-day conversations.”

Australian National University language expert Catherine Travis believed the effort to rid the word “guys” was trivial and that “you guys” had evolved to include all genders and was commonly accepted.

C’mon Australia, you guys are better than this.

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