Banksy’s New Dismaland ‘Bemusement Park’ Is Like Disneyland On A Bad Acid Trip

by 3 years ago

Famed graffiti artist Banksy may have just put together his greatest creation with the help of numerous other artists thanks to his new dystopian “bemusement park” called Dismaland.

Dismaland is Banksy’s first show since 2009 and according to the BBC, he describes it as a “family theme park unsuitable for children.”

Making it somehow even more creepy is the fact that the “park” was created on the site of an old amusement park in Somerset, England called the Tropicana, which has been closed for 15 years.

Dismaland will be open to the public from August 22nd to September 27th should you want to head there for a visit.

Here are a few pics from Dismaland sure to inspire you to hop on a plane…