Banksy Unmasked? Scientists Think They Have The Identity Of The Infamous Street Artist

Banksy has been creating thought-provoking, beautiful and powerful street art since the early 1990s, yet despite becoming a global phenomenon his identity has remained a mystery. However, scientists believe they have unmasked Banksy by using math.

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London said the pattern of how Banksy’s artworks were distributed suggested that the real name of the artist is Robin Gunningham. Scientists unveiled the real identity of the elusive satirical street artist by utilizing geographic profiling. It is the same model used by police to track down criminals and scientists that map out disease outbreaks.

The researchers used the location of 140 Banksy artworks in London and Bristol in western England. This data helped them determine that these pieces of art “are associated with sites linked to one prominent candidate,” Gunningham. “Our analysis highlights areas associated with one prominent candidate (eg his home), supporting his identification as Banksy,” the paper stated. The research was published in the Journal of Spatial Science.

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