Man Tossed Off Flight For Showing Passengers His Penis Tattoo, But In Fairness, The Tat Is Funny As Hell

Baggage Handlers Face Job Losses At Manchester Airport

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Tom Washington and 22 other bros boarded a Jet2 flight dressed up as a female cabin crew members. They were all taking a “lads’ holiday” and on the way to Majorca — an island located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Everything started off as shits and giggles for the group.

“We got up in the early hours to do our make-up and hair like any presentable woman. We were all excited and sober at this point, and we got on to the plane with barrels of laughter from pretty much everyone – the airport staff and members of the public.

I got up but because my jacket was too tight, it exposed my chest which I had covered with a bra. I then proceeded to help the cabin staff with the safety talk using a sex toy.”

Sounds pretty innocent up until that point but then Tom might have gone a little too far.

“The lads mentioned I had a tattoo of Pinocchio, which I showed them, and that was the point where the manager took my passport.

Those damn lads! Always pushing things too far. Tom got tossed, missed his flight, and most likely didn’t get to lad it up with the rest of probably-tattooed dicks in his party.

Here’s a SFW show of Tom’s Pinocchio tattoo.


I’m not going to lie, that’s a pretty insane tattoo.

[via Metro]

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