Incredibly Skilled Barber Uses Swords To Cut Hair And Oh Man Now He’s Got A Blowtorch!

Alberto Olmedo is a Madrid-based hairdresser who uses Samurai swords, a blowtorch, and finger scissors to cut hair. He also dresses like a Vegas magician. We’re not sure if that’s a part of the job or just naturally happened. I mean could you trust a guy with samurai swords who dresses like Toby from The Office?

In this video, Alberto explains that swords allow for a more even and “mathematical approach” to cutting hair. That seems like a bullshit reason since he just can’t say “cutting hair with swords is fucking boss!” He doesn’t mention why he also uses a blowtorch but maybe he’s mathematical trying to burn his shop down and collect the insurance money.

He’s got some healthy competition.

[via GQ]

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