Did You Know Today Is National Bathtub Party Day? Let’s Back Up, You Don’t Know What A Bathtub Party Is, Do You?

Every day in a national something day. Today is National Bathtub Party Day. You don’t know what a bathtub party is do you? What a loser. I should know because I didn’t know either and I recognize my own kind.

Kidding. We’re not losers. If anything, it’s better we didn’t know, but since we’re on the subject let’s do a little learning.

To enjoy a really good soak, take the ringer off the phone, light a few candles, tune into some favorite music & lock the door. If you want to add a few drops of essential oils to your bath, be sure to wait until the moment you are ready to step into the tub, to ensure the essence doesn’t evaporate before you benefit from it–whether you want the relaxation of lavender or chamomile or the stimulation of rosemary or peppermint.

Don’t forget to have a big, fluffy towel ready for you! For after bath skin soothing, while your skin is still damp, apply a favorite body lotion or body oil.

If you’ve invited a few friends to celebrate Bathtub Party Day, be sure to plan ahead so you don’t have to hop out of the bubbly warmth to pour a glass of wine or serve a platter of snacks. Assign each guest a task: keeper of the towels; cleaner of the ring around the tub; trimmer of the candle wick; guardian  of toiletries. Enjoy!

The holiday was invented by WellCat.com, so at least this time we know who to specifically blame for the stupidity.

Our friends over at Empty Lighthouse have some suggestions for bathtub parties, which include bathtub selfies, inviting a ton of strangers into your bathroom or just making up your own interpretation of what constitutes “a bathtub.” For example, a swimming pool with one bar of soap is a bathtub.

Personally, I’ll pass. Bathtubs are fucking disgusting, I don’t care who’s inside. All the dirt and filth…you’re just hanging out in Hep A. Pass.

But you all go ahead and bath each other.

H/T Empty Lighthouse

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