A Man Dressed As Batman Is Hunting Down Creepy Clowns To Help Terrified Children



You know all those creepy clowns that are trying to scare people? Well, people are getting sick of their shit as evidenced by this clown getting battered and this clown getting the shit beat out of him. Now there is a caped crusader taking down these jokers.

A man dressed like Batman patrolling the streets of the British town Cumbria to thwart any attacks by these ridiculously large-shoed bozos. The Dark Knight insists he is not a vigilante, but wants to reassure children that they are safe.

The patrol was organized by the local costume shop, Cumbria Superheroes.

This man is the hero the world needs, but not the one it deserves since the stupid creepy clown phenomenon is actually happening everywhere.

I can’t wait until a man is forced to dress like Superman because Batman has gotten too powerful and doesn’t have the best interests of the community any longer.