The Pavement Runs Red With Clown Makeup After Another Creepy Clown Gets His Ass Beat

The creepy clown phenomenon has gripped the nation. Over the weekend, a creepy clown got the bozo beat out of him by some bat-wielding gentlemen. However, the creepy clown has made it all the way to Australia, and Australians don’t fuck around.

We take you to a suburb of Sydney, where on Sunday there was a clown sighting by a car full of friends.

While you may think it’s cheeky to walk around in full clown garb and holding a bat at 2 a.m., others may not see the hilarity in your prank that has frightened some people.

Dashcam captures one of the Aussies jumping out of the car and attacking the scary clown. Despite the clown putting down the bat, the man beats the joker’s round red nose off his face.

Not sure recording your own assault and battery is the best decision.