Creepy Clown Prank Backfires BIG Time As Bozo Gets Beaten Up

Creepy clowns are invading the nation. But when will this scary stupid phenomenon end? And who will end it? Penn State is having clown hunts to rid their neighborhood of creepy clown fucks. Well, they should consider recruiting these young gentlemen for their clown lynch mob.

Some annoying fuckwad dressed as a creepy clown and stood in the middle of the road as he held balloons at night. A car full of guys saw the man and were kind enough to not run his ass over.

Instead, they gave him a savage beating.

The two passengers in the back get out and appear to beat the clown out of the dude. Wielding a bat, one man tees off on the clown’s red nose. The streets run red with this clown’s makeup and blood.

Play stupid creepy clown games, win stupid creepy clown prizes.

Speaking of prizes, why not pick up an “Unranked in football, #1 in clown hunting” shirt. This way dopey creepy clown prankster will know to steer clear of you.