This Beach Shower Shampoo Prank Is Pure Evil And I Can’t Stop Laughing

by 3 years ago

This is a level of evil that’s been purified, fortified, and then smoked out of a crack pipe. I’ve seen a few iterations of this before, I vaguely recall someone pulling this on their roommate, but this shampoo prank video reigns supreme among its predecessors.

It’s just such a complete mind fuck. Your brain has a very defined amount of time it believes will pass before the shampoo disappears. You’ve showered tens of thousands of times throughout your life (I hope), and your brain knows what to expect. Then some stranger comes along and keeps dumping shampoo into your wet hair and you have zero idea what’s happening. Your brain isn’t sure how to process any of it. You just keep scrubbing and scrubbing but the shampoo never goes away. Soon your life begins to unravel, everything is meaningless, nothing matters, the shampoo will never end.

In other news, I’m guessing this has to be in Florida, right? They shut the beach/public showers off in most of California quite some time ago in order to fight the drought. Was nobody worried that one of these people might turn out to be on flakka AND meth, and go nuts? Guess not.

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