Grow A Beard If You Want A Girlfriend, Guys With Stubble Get More Action, Clean-Shaven Bros There’s Always Your Hand

To beard, or not to beard, that is the question. Science has shed some light as to what females think about facial hair, and you should stop shaving immediately.

A study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology asked 8,520 women to rate photos of men for physical attractiveness in general, as well as if the men were better for a short-term or long-term relationship. The men in the photos showed them clean-shaven, with light and heavy stubble, and a full beard.

The ladies were smitten with men with stubble and found them more attractive for short-term flings. Men with beards were seen as more desirable for long-term relationships.

The authors of the study suggested beards may act as a signal of men’s age and masculine social dominance.

“Sexual selection via female choice has shaped the evolution of male ornamentation in many species,” the study’s authors wrote.

However, just because women see men with beards as better long-term boyfriends does not necessarily mean they actually are. A previous study found that 47% of dudes with beards admitted to cheating on a significant other, compared to 20% of clean-shaven men. The study also found that 40% of bearded men admitted to stealing something, compared to 17% of clean-shaven men.

I hope this helps you decide to beard or not to beard.

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